Finished editing! Also, more map stuff!

My book is as edited as it’s ever going to get!

I will be releasing it on the 14th— in just four days! Isn’t that amazing?

I hope you’ll all consider giving it a read!

I’ll give it one last quality-check read, format it to the standards needed for e-books on Amazon, and voilà!

I’ve also been working on my map, some more. Here’s a few countries I’ve already charted!

You thought I was done with the map? Oh, no. 🙂

What’s the point of a map if it has no cities, forests, hills, valleys, mountains, rivers, lakes, roads and water routes?

Of course, if you’ve seen an earlier post, you already know there are still 5 more great landmasses to cover!

Saint-Morning (where my first book is taking place), Saint-Evening, Lunda-Le, Somnia and Noctis!!! I’m so excited to finish it all!

I want to research to see if I can include a picture of my map in my book.

If not, I will simply release it on my website. No biggie there.

If you’re wondering, I will be making a tutorial on how to populate your map.

I’m doing it after I release my book, though. I don’t want to take on too much at once, after all.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you have a great morning/afternoon/evening/night! 🙂

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I am an author, aspiring web developer and a freelance editor. It's nice to meet you all! I've published my book! It's called "The Dreg of Bellmead", a dark fantasy taking place in the fictional world of Ard. Buy it here: Visit my website:

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