Teeny tiny update!

Hey everyone! Hope you’re doing well.Just a small update to say that I’ve linked up my blog to my Goodreads Author Page! I’ve also started the process of brainstorming ideas for my second book, as well as coming up with ideas for a series of short stories that tie into the series itself! I’m goingContinue reading “Teeny tiny update!”

Release! The Dreg of Bellmead is now on Amazon!

Okay, #readers#WritingCommunity . It’s #bookrelease time! #TheDregOfBellmead is finally up, both in e-book and paperback formats! US: https://amazon.com/Dreg-Bellmead-Conduit-Book-ebook/dp/B07XRVXXPBCA: https://amazon.ca/Dreg-Bellmead-Conduit-Book-ebook/dp/B07XRVXXPB UK: https://amazon.co.uk/dp/B07XRVXXPB AU: https://amazon.com.au/dp/B07XRVXXPB I hope you all enjoy it! I’d love to hear your thoughts on it, as well. 🙂 My next post will be about my world map, and how exactly I went aboutContinue reading “Release! The Dreg of Bellmead is now on Amazon!”

Submitted my manuscript!

I’ve done it. My manuscript, both in ebook and paperback formats, is up on Amazon KDP! From what I’ve been told, it should take a day for the review on the ebook, maybe longer on the paperback. I’m so excited, and quite a bit nervous. I hope people will enjoy my story. I really do.Continue reading “Submitted my manuscript!”

How to draw a world map!

I’m sure you’ve googled a few things at this point: how to draw a map, map generator, artists map pricing, etc. Point is: you want to make a map. If you’re willing to pull a little legwork, you can make one yourself! It’s really simple. Even if you’re the worst artist you know, with aContinue reading “How to draw a world map!”

My real first post!

Hello! My name’s Samir. I am an author on the cusp of releasing his first book. It’s a Fantasy/Horror series called “Conduit”, which is set in Ard, a world in which society’s technological prowess is comparable to ours. The first entry in my series will be titled “The Dreg Of Bellmead”, and it will beContinue reading “My real first post!”

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